Replica Flintlock Pistol

Replica Flintlock Pistol Replica Flintlock Pistol
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Collector Quality

This functional, non-firing replica pistol has elegant engravings that runs half way down the barrel from the hammer and throughout the flintlock including the decorated butt plate. This piece replicates an 18th Century original in size, weight and appearance however, can not be made to fire or interchange parts. The flintlock was popular for over 200 years but their effective range was short so an accompanying sword or knife was still carried. This quality flintlock replica is made in Spain by Denix for the discerning collector or re-enactor.


Reliks Product ID 6597
Manufacturer SKU 1077L
Length 15"
Weight 1.4 lb

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"very nice and realistic. Looks great on the wall." - 12/06/2019