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Paul Chen - Hanwei

Paul Chen - Hanwei product listing

Today, the names Hanwei and its founder, Paul Chen, engender an image of fine functional swords and historical weaponry. Based in Dalian, China, Hanwei manages to combine traditional craftsmanship with modern tooling and metallurgy, in a way that enables it to supply a world-wide market while meeting or exceeding the quality of custom-made products.

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Bugei product listing

At Bugei, our interest is in the swords of the ancient Samurai. The shapes, lengths, nakago, tsuka, etc. reflect an era when swords were still used for combat. Our swords are used by more modern sword styles and our Wave koshirae blades can be custom designed to fit more modern styles that are currently practiced in Japan, however this is not our prime directive. Most of the modern swords produced in Japan would not be practical for the uses that the Samurai required of their blades. The majority of currently produced blades are too thin and flat ground to stand up to the rigors of actual battle use. In real world terms a broken sword often meant death. In the 1850's in Japan two samurai were killed in different incidents because their swords broke during fights. One of these samurai was Nakai Shogoro killed at the Teradaya Inn and the other, named Arima, was killed at the Tenmanya Inn. All cultures tend to rewrite history and the Japanese are no exception. Some modern styles for instance do not want to see things like tameshigiri become a more practical training for combative type of cutting and a more realistic test of blade performance. Modern Japan and the vast majority of modern Japanese martial arts, with some exceptions, do not reflect combat intent or function and only partially reflect the military arts of the Samurai. With this in mind we are drawn to the styles of blade and the military arts that reflect the Samurai when they were masters of their own fate.

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Windlass Steelcrafts

Windlass Steelcrafts product listing

With the advance of technology over 100 years ago, swords became quaint curiosities. Modern copies were no longer required to actually function. With no battlefield feedback from real warriors, manufacturers lost touch with how to make fully functioning swords. The emphasis switched to appearance. These swords swim against the tide and are just as functional as the originals. These swords look like the originals, feel like the originals, flex and balance like the originals, and finally, can actually cut like the originals! You get a strong sense of awe and respect for the power of these weapons that others can not generate. Reliks is proud to offer the Windlass Steelcrafts® line, who's research and development department is continuously focused on improving quality and developing new designs that are historically accurate in form and function while using proper methods and materials to achieve this goal.

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Darksword Armory

Darksword Armory product listing

Canadian Company, Darksword Armory's combat ready swords are individually hand forged using the same techniques as those used during the 14th Century. Producing historically accurate designs of medieval swords, Darksword Armory has gained a good reputation in the combat ready medieval swords community.

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Ka-Bar Knives

Ka-Bar Knives product listing

Today, the original Ka-Bar USMC Fighting / Utility Knife remains the first choice for many Marines who choose to carry it as their personal option knife during service. It is also a favorite of adventurers, survivalists, outdoor sportsmen and, of course, knife collectors who know that this knife – this “American Legend” – deserves a place in their collection.

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Cold Steel

Cold Steel product listing

Cold Steel, Incorporated is a company seeking to making the strongest, sharpest knives in the world. Since 1980 Cold Steel has been at the forefront of knife innovations including the introduction of San Mai III® steel. Cold Steel is constantly striving to make the world’s strongest, sharpest knives. That goal as elusive and difficult to achieve as it is, has been the same for the past thirty years.

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Kershaw Knives

Kershaw Knives product listing

High quality knives and very innovative designs can be expected from Kershaw. Kershaw works with several key designers including Ken Onion, creator of the Speedsafe knife, making certain that the quality demands of there customers are met. Kershaw knives back there knives with a lifetime warranty.

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Zero Tolerance Knives

Zero Tolerance Knives product listing

Since 1974, Kai USA has brought you what you have come to expect and with there new line of Zero Tolerance Combat Knives, the legacy continues. Kai has teamed up with Ken Onion and Strider Knives to bring you a new series of professional-grade combat knives built to survive the harsh, real-world situations that confront you every day. Called ZT, Zero Tolerance. And that is the ultimate goal Zero Tolerance in design, Zero Tolerance in function and Zero Tolerance in performance.

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Buck Knives

Buck Knives product listing

At Buck, you’ll always find a wide range of knives to choose from. Each knife Buck brings to market has been thoughtfully designed and engineered. Buck uses the very best materials and state-of-the-art technology to create knives that meet the exacting demands you would expect of a high quality knife.

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SOG Knives

SOG Knives product listing

Totally committed to creating the world's finest specialized knives and tools, SOG became the first knife manufacturer to expand its line to include a broad scope of fixed blades, folding knives and multipurpose tools. SOG's patented inventions and unique, futuristic style have earned SOG many awards and recognition as an industry innovator and premier designer.

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Spyderco Knives

Spyderco Knives product listing

Spyderco repeatedly tests there knives for stress, wear, optimal heat-treating and actively search for higher quality, performance enhancing steels and materials. Accused of designing there knives in the dark, Spyderco has created very interesting and unique designs never before seen in the pocket knife community.

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Victorinox Swiss Army

Victorinox Swiss Army product listing

After an unparalleled success story around the world, the VICTORINOX "Swiss Army Knife" is even orbiting the earth as part of the standard equipment of the Space Shuttle Crew. The knife has also been successfully proven on expeditions: in the arctic ice of the North Pole; on the highest peak on earth, Mount Everes and in the tropical rain forests of the Amazon.

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Mtech USA Knives

Mtech USA Knives product listing

MTech USA knives create very good quality entry level knives that are tailored to fit even the most moderate budget. These knives will give you a great bang for the buck without breaking the bank.

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United Cutlery

United Cutlery product listing

United Cutlery and the United brand has always been recognized by their unique product designs that cover virtually every category in the blade world from functional to fantasy. Amongst their most known products is the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movie prop replicas. Other notable collections are from industry designers such as Kit Rae and Gil Hibben. United Cutlery and their innovative designers have strived to produce quality products under brands such as Honshu, M48, Hibben Knives, and Kit Rae Fantasy Art in the knife, prop replicas, fantasy collectibles and samuari sword categories.

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Kit Rae Fantasy Art

Kit Rae Fantasy Art product listing

Entering the knife and sword world in 1984. designer Kit Rae has brought several fantasy art designs most notably the “Swords of the Ancients” Collection. Kit Rae has not only designed pieces for United Cutlery, Harley Davidson, Remington and Colt, Kit Rae's pieces have been seen in numerous television shows from the X-Files to Star Trek and have also been seen on the big screen in movies such as Spiderman 2, Star Trek Nemesis and The Cronicals of Riddick!

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Hibben Knives

Hibben Knives product listing

Gil Hibben achieved unusual yet deserved fame as a custom knife maker and his work has been featured anywhere people talk about knives. Over several decades he has attracted a following of famous collectors including  John Wayne, Elvis Presley, Steve McQueen, Sylvester Stallone and Steven Segal. Gil's fame dramatically increased in 1988 when Sylvestor Stallone, who had purchased several of Gil's custom knives for his own collection,  asked Gil to design the now famous knife used in the movie Rambo III. This was just one of over 30 movies and television shows that have featured Gil's designs including Star Trek Generations.

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Elk Ridge Knives

Elk Ridge Knives product listing

Elk Ridge offers some classic bush craft and folding knives for the outdoors man and gentleman. These knives are up to almost any task even lacking some of the more modern “super steels” and exotic materials. They are not going for luxury, they are just made to work while fitting into the tightest budget. For economy knives they will still deliver as a usable and dependable knife.

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Get Dressed For Battle (GDFB)

Get Dressed For Battle (GDFB) product listing

Get Dressed For Battle has been gaining popularity in Europe over the years as the number one supplier of affordable, functional garments and armour for reenactment and combat use. We’re offering a wide range of GDFB products and adding more every day.

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Legacy Arms

Legacy Arms product listing

Legacy Arms offers a selection of functional swords. The Historical Recreations by Legacy Arms are designed and tested for heavy target cutting. They also offer a stage combat series for re-enactment and stage that is designed to withstand the rigors of a steel on steel performance.

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Dragon King

Dragon King product listing

Dragon King Forge is headed by master designer Frenchie Jin who has designed over 600 different cold weapons in his 20-year career. To simply state the he and his team have mastered and advanced their craft would be an understatement.The Dragon King brand does not represent a company that just manufactures products but embodies a group of artisans who have been adeptly trained to duplicate ancient skillsets that can't be automated by machines on an assembly line.

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Casstrom Sweden

Casstrom Sweden product listing

Casström has made a name for itself in Europe and the UK over the last several years putting their unique spin on the traditional Scandinavian bushcraft knife in innovative ways. Speaking to these innovative features David Cassini Bäckström, owner of Casström, says “Improved functionality or durability is the main aim, however all the products need to look good also. The style is traditional whilst we seek to innovate the way our knives feel, are carried or the material combinations if necessary. Not everything traditional is functional, this is where the thinking cap goes on and we come up with new ideas.”

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Kingston Arms

Kingston Arms product listing

From the battlefields of Crecy to the theatre of Shakespeare and beyond, you will find no finer swords crafted for the practitioners and aficionados of the European Sword than Kingston Arms. Their sharp swords are made to period accurate specifications from pommel to tip and all in between. Re-enactment, Stage Combat and HEMA Sparring Swords though are their speciality! Featuring innovations such as the King-Peen system and tough through-hardened spring steel blades these swords last years of use under the most demanding conditions.

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Kizlyar Supreme

Kizlyar Supreme product listing

Kizlyar Supreme is a knife production company from Russia that began as a small supplier trying to keep a local knife making tradition alive which had become dominated by the power house brands we are most familiar with today. Keeping the dream alive in 2011 Kizlyar Supreme was born and started producing knives locally. They quickly became popular with the Russian military. Kizlyar Supreme has now moved from a small manufacturer to a global knife company operating out of a new high-tech full cycle knife manufacturing factory offering many knife designs with quality materials at competitive prices.

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Citadel product listing

Citadel is regarded as one of the finest makers of Japanese style swords available outside of Japan. Founded by Dominique Eluere these martial arts grade sword are admired by practitioners and collectors alike. Each hand made sword is subtly unique, without the use of large scale casting every piece of a Citadel sword is made by master artisans. Citadel's traditional sword forge located in Cambodia combines modern materials with old school hand craftsmanship and traditional techniques to make superior blade.

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Kingdom Of Arms

Kingdom Of Arms product listing

The elite Kingdom of Arms line of medieval swords, medieval and Viking daggers and knives are exclusively handmade at our foundry in the Philippines. These are battle ready swords and daggers. Each full tang blade is hand forged from virgin 5160 carbon steel, each hand hammered as the originals. Heat treated, then tempered correctly to give stiffness and flexibility to the blade. Each sword, dagger and knife is full tang. Fully functional as the originals, or Battle Ready as some would say.

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Reliks product listing

Reliks has been offering high quality products since the turn of the century and is proud to have worked with some of the worlds top sword smiths and artisans. We have produced exclusive products including, limited edition hand forged swords made for the martial artist and collector. We also offer various accessories and hand made products by local Canadian artisans at our London Ontario retail store and online at

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Factory Entertainment

Factory Entertainment product listing

Factory Entertainment offers many interesting and exciting collectibles licensed from some of our favourite films, television series and more.

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Honshu product listing

Honshu offers a unique line of historically inspired swords and trainers that fuses tradition with innovation in modern sword design. Their offerings can be best described as modern tactical versions of medieval weaponry for the practitioner and enthusiast who may love swords without the limits of medieval designs.

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APOC product listing

Whether it be plague, natural disaster, mass hysteria, nuclear fallout, zombies, alien invasion or mankind’s inevitable A.I. war, these tactical swords feature a meek and functional design against unremitting maintenance and corrosion in those bleak future days. But such thought in design are expected from combining the expertise of the artisans of Dragon King and the mind of sword maker, Gus Trim. No preparations for the end times are complete without an A.P.O.C. tactical sword for when the bullets run out, the knives are too short and your life is on the line.

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