Roman Helmet (Galea)

By: Get Dressed For Battle (GDFB)

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The Imperial Galea Type H

Roman legion helmets came in two sub classifications "Imperial Italic" helmets that were produces by Gaul blacksmiths and "Imperial Gallic" helmets that were forged by Celtic craftsmen that were much high quality than the former. The Celtic helms were recognized by the pair of distinctive embossed eyebrows on the forehead region and tended to be elaborately decorated throughout. The Helmet or Galea had several protective features including the cheek guards. The Imperial type helm was derived from the original Celtic design with more advanced features including a sloped neck guard with ribbing at the nape, projecting ear guards, brass trim, and decorative bosses.

Forged by GDFB

This Helm or Galea was made by GDFB or Get Dressed For Battle and is a great piece for Roman re-enactments. It is made from 18 gauge steel which is accurate to the originals but check with a member in charge of safety for your group’s requirements before using them for full armoured engagements. These helmets are fully lined and padded making them comfortable for all day wear. They also look great and feel great for film and stage productions as well as part of a cosplay event or photo shoot.


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