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Tourney Hand-and-a-Half Knightly Sword - Blunt by Kingston Arms.

Tourney Hand And A Half Knightly Sword

Blunt Medieval Hand and a Half Sword for reenactment and stage combat.

Stage Combat Hand And A Half Sword

The cord wrapped leather grip feels exceptional in the hand with an oval cross section and slight barrel shape to keep fatigue at bay. The grip is large enough to accomodate armoured hands.

metal tip

The scabbard is completed with a metal tip cover

leather scabbard

The scabbard is a brown leather and fits tighly to the hilt

rounded stage tip

The tip is rounded for safety on stage or sparring

blade fuller

The blade has a fuller reducing weight but remaining strong

sword guard

This sword has a classic guard

sword grip

The swords grip is wrapped in brown leather


The pommel is weighted to balance the sword

Tourney Knightly Sword

The Tourney Knightly Sword by Kingston Arms is perfect for stage, sparring and Western Martial Arts

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