Sword of Courage - Photo Gallery

sword of courage

Reliks very own Sword of Courage

peened pommel

The Sword of Courage has a classic peened disc pommel

protective metal chape

The scabbard tip is protected with a metal chape

scabbard buckle

The integral belt is partnered with a steel buckle


5160 spring steel with a wide single fuller

sword tip

5160 spring steel tip

leather grip

The grip is hand wrapped brown vegetable tanned leather

5160 steel blade

The Sword Of Courage has been hand forged from tempered 5160 spring steel


The cruciform hilt

sheathed sword

The sword of courage sheathed in custom sheath

reliks sword of courage

The Sword of Courage before a campaign

battle ready sword of courage

The sword of courage is battle ready

hand forged sword of courage

The Reliks Hand Forged Sword of Courage

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