Hjalmar Viking Sword - Photo Gallery

hjalmar viking sword

The Hjalmar Viking Sword by Kingdom Of Arms.

hjalmar viking pommel

The lobed pommel of the Hjalmar Viking Sword.

hjalmar 5160 steel

Hand forged blade from 5160 steel on the Hjalmar Viking Sword.

handmade viking sword

Tempered and fully functional (Battle Ready).

hjalmar scabbard tip

Wood cored scabbard finished with leather.

hjalmar scabbard

Hand carved and finished scabbard of the Hjalmar Viking.

hjalmar viking sword grip

Close up of the grip and handle parts of the Kingdom of Arms Viking sword.

hjalmar viking scabbard

The Hjalmar Viking sword complete with handmade wood cored scabbard.

viking legend sword

The Hjalmar Swedish Legend is well known. Kingdom of Arms has sought to create a version of this fabled Viking sword.

kingdom of arms hjalmar viking sword

Kingdom of Arms sought to create a handmade sword fit for the hero! It is hand forged from virgin 5160 carbon steel.

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