Roman Gladius Maintz Pattern - Photo Gallery

roman maintz hilt

Roman Maintz Pommel and hilt view on stone slab

maintz hilt

Hilt close up of the Windlass Maintz Gladius

gladius hilt scabbard

A look at the hilt of the gladius in the scabbard

maintz pommel scabbard

The Roman Maintz in scabbard from pommel view.

gladius pommel close

A close up view of the wooden pommel on the Maintz Gladius

gladius pommel tip

The Maintz pommel to the tip from a wiilders perspective.

wasp waisted blade

Blade view of the gladius wasp waisted blade

maintz guard

The metal blade, wood guard and synthetic grip come together

maintz scabbard tip

The decorative scabbard work on the Roman Maintz

gladius fasteners

The scabbard rings for mounting a baldric to the gladius

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