Italian Long Sword - Photo Gallery

italian long sword

Cold Steel's Italian Long Sword Hilt

Italian Longsword Grip

Close up of the Long Swords Leather Grip

long sword pommel button

The button assembly on the Cold Steel Italian Longsword

italian pommel

The Pommel on the Italian Long Sword

Italian ls crossguard

The crossguard on the ILS from the grip side

ils guard

Crossguard on the Italian Long Sword from the Blade Side

italian hilt in scabbard

The Sheathed Italian Long Sword Hilt

leather grip work

The leather grip work on the Italian Longsword

scabbard stitching

The Italian Longswords stitched Leather Scabbard

scabbard accessories

The Italian Longswords Scabbard Tip matching the Metal Throat

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