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Peace Samurai Sword

The Peace Samurai Sword design was inspired by an original made by the famous Hizen Tadayoshi school smiths as the basis for this sword.

Peace Katana Kashira

Classic higo styled kashira on the Peace Katana.

Peace Katana Saya

The black gloss saya (scabbard) shows the summer grasses starting to grow. They are hand brushed in gold paint and gradually increase in frequency towards the iron kojiri but never overpower the simple black gloss saya.

Peace Katana Soe Bi

Like the original Tadayoshi school sword the Peace sword is based on, the Peace sword has a shallow bo-hi (full sized groove) and a soe-bi (fine groove) running below the shinogi (ridge line).

Peace Katana Kissaki

The Peace sword is a robust shinogi zukuri katana with an extended chu kissaki.

Peace Katana Bo Hi

The Bo Hi allows the sword to remain robust and durable with a good cross-sectional thickness all while helping keep the overall weight of the sword down. The sword moves easily in the hands, is extremely sharp, and is still of a robust design for cutting practice.

Peace Katana Menuki

The menuki chosen were single gold horses. Keith wanted to show the horses running free without saddles or other samurai gear to help show the idea of the horses returning to the wild after a chaotic battle.

Peace Katana Tsuka

The higo style iron fuchi kashira and kojiri were designed with a background of the same field but with the classical higo design element.

Peace Katana Silk Ito

Higo style brown silk ito was chosen for the wrap with the typical higo blackened samekawa.

Bugei Peace Katana Habaki

Brass seppa and habaki of the Bugei Peace Katana.

Peace Katana Grass Tsuba

Tsuba with these sorts of designs were appealing to the samurai. One had to accept the invevitability of death in order to transcend the fear of it.

Peace Katana Bleached Skull Tsuba

The mokko raised rim tsuba was designed to show the original field with a single bleached skull on the ground. The mokko shape was chosen as many practitioners like the fact that the sword doesn't tend to "roll around" when placing the sword down on the mat when preparing or finishing practice.

Peace Katana

The Bugei Exclusive "Peace sword" is the result. Keith began by reviewing the various swords currently available on the market. His goal was to design a blade that would be strong, tough, and beautiful, but also be the type of blade that would appeal to modern practicing martial artists.

Bugei Peace Katana

The Bugei Peace Katana is deadly in appearance, but calm and serene. It appears simple, but the closer you look, the more you see. Which are of course attributes that would appeal to the samurai of old. Calm focus. Peace. Understated elegance.

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