Cawood Sword

By: Paul Chen - Hanwei

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The celebrated Cawood Sword, named after its discovery location near Cawood Castle in England, is regarded as one of the finest and best-preserved examples of an 11th century Viking sword in existence. Preserved in the mud of the bed of the River Ouse for almost a millenium, the sword has now found a permanent home in the Yorkshire Museum, where it is a leading attraction. What is almost certainly a “sister” sword was unearthed in Norway in 1888, giving a valuable clue to the Cawood Sword’s origin. Hanwei’s version of the sword replicates the lobated pommel and steeply downcurved quillons of the hilt perfectly, while the wide-fullered blade is reproduced in 5160 high-carbon steel. The weight and balance provide for a very usable sword. No details of the original scabbard are known, but the styling of Hanwei’s leather-covered version is typical of the period.


Reliks Product ID 4892
Manufacturer SKU SH2457
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Blade Length 30"
Blade Material 5160 High Carbon Steel
Edge Type Sharpened / Blunting Optional
Full Length 36"
Handle Length 4"
Scabbard Leather Wrapped / Wood Core
Weight 2 lb 7 oz

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"Very well made and true to the original. "

A - Verified Buyer

"This is an excellent sword - very nice balance"

I - Verified Buyer

"overall a really nice sword with a nice scabbard...the grind work is still 'tolerable'; but not really into seeing the fuller grind going off helter skelter. blade shape and edge grind pretty good though; seems right for mix of stiffness and flex. don't know the QC protocol for cas iberia brands; Paul Chen line pretty sweet, this Hanwei and Kingston arms: smarten up! like buying a new car with a small dent, the car works excellent, but you need to be 16 feet away from it to look great"

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