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Katana Sword Rack

Katana Sword Rack - ws1wh -

This katana rack is an elegant way to display your most prized Katana on your wall or above the fireplace. This rack can display most oriental Katana's , Shoto's and Tanto's with or without scabbards. Their durability and versatility are why we use these to display pieces in our retail locations.

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  • Product Code: 1697
  • SKU: ws1wh

Reliks Customer's Rating

4/5 average from 22 reviews

Reliks Customer Reviews

Rated by people who own this product

"Meets function. Poor quality in surface finish." - (3/5)

"The rack does not construct solidly, and does not hold swords in a nice upright position." - (1/5)

Reliks Response - It is recommended to add glue to the joints when constructing. This rack is made for horizontal display.

"Looks OK from a few feet away and does the job. Construction is cheap, parts fit together poorly." - (2/5)

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