Deluxe Single Stand

This item can not be ordered at this time. It has been discontinued and can only be found through external links to our website.

This deluxe sword rack is an elegant way to display your most prized sword on a shelf or the fireplace. This stand can display most oriental Katana's , Shoto's and Tanto's with or without scabbards. Their durability and versatility are why we use these stands to display pieces in our retail locations.


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Manufacturer SKU WS1DX

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C - Verified Buyer

"It's ok but would be better if it had phelt where the sword sits."

Response: Our premium stands have phelt added

V - Verified Buyer

"Nicely holds either the full length Windlass Steelcrafts Classic Medieval Sword or the matching dagger. Great value for the money."

L - Verified Buyer


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