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Red Katana

Red Katana

This decorative katana is an example of the long sword of the Samurai. This piece measures 39 1/2" overall with a 28" stainless steel blade. The tsuba is adorned with two dragons and the handle is finished in a traditional wrap with the handle finished in red to match the red saya (sheath). This sword has a "display edge" meaning it can be felt but is by no means a real katana edge. This sword is made for display purposes only.

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"the red katana is poorly constructed and rattles, but at $35 what did i expect" - (2/5)

Reliks Response - easy fix, there is a nut under the cap on the handle. Give that a clockwise turn and it will remove the rattle.

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These swords are intended for display or costume wear only. If you are looking for martial arts grade katana please visit our Functional Japanese Swords section or Functional Chinese Swords for the Chinese martial arts.

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