WU Martial Arts Fan

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Black Fan With "WU" Character

Dating back to ancient China, the fan became a staple in the world of martial arts. Practitioners of Kung Fu and Wushu often favored the fan for its deceptive simplicity. At first glance, it appears as a mere tool for cooling oneself. Yet, in the hands of a master, it could become a formidable weapon capable of distracting or even disarming an opponent. The allure of the fan transcended borders, making its way to Japan, where it found a home in the discipline of Tessen. Here, warriors merged art with combat, demonstrating the fan’s deadly elegance in both dance and battle.

Crafted from bamboo, these fans offer a lightweight and flexible design, making them ideal for artists showcasing their form demonstrations. The bamboo ensures that every move flows seamlessly, capturing the essence of the martial arts they represent. But beyond the arena, these fans serve another purpose. Embellished with the golden "WU" character, a symbol of martial strength, they make an impeccable piece to adorn a dojo, radiating both history and heritage.Fans were popular in many martial arts due to their beauty and ability to function as a distracting weapon. These types of fans are more commonly used in martial arts like Kung Fu and Wushu but also in Japanese forms of Tessen. Bamboo fans are perfect for artists performing form demonstrations because of the light weight and flexibility. These high quality fans are also a great way to decorate your dojo.


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Option 1 Black "WU" Character