Conan Father's Sword Scabbard

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Realistic Faux Fur

An heirloom sword that has been recovered at the expense of heroic, but horrifying trial and tribulation, including the tragic loss of a fellow adventurer to a malevolent wizard, deserves a scabbard that is as imaginatively conceived as that famous movie, wouldn't you agree? This scabbard is designed to perfectly complement your sword's imaginative barbarian/fantasy sensibilities. The semi-glossy, molded leather body of the scabbard is adorned with matte-finished leather for the throat, waistband, and tip, which has a pin-pricked texture to simulate the hide of some archaic beast that could only have existed in Zamora. Add the realistic faux fur accents and decorative leather bands and cord (and a little brass), and you get an expertly crafted scabbard that enhances your barbarian swagger and makes a fine addition to your display.


Reliks Product ID 6941
Manufacturer SKU 201658
Full Length 27"
Weight 8 oz

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