Exquisite Craftsmanship of Battlecry: A Legacy Forged in Steel

Exquisite Craftsmanship of Battlecry: A Legacy Forged in Steel

The allure of historical weaponry transcends time, captivating the imagination of enthusiasts and collectors alike. It's not just the metal and craftsmanship that enchant us, but the stories they tell and the legacy they carry. At the forefront of this preservation of heritage is the Battlecry line of historical swords, daggers, and axes—a collection that resonates with the echoes of battles long past.

Designed in collaboration between Windlass Steelcrafts and John Clements, a maestro of historical fencing and medieval and Renaissance combat methods, each piece in the Battlecry series is a testament to authenticity, durability, and artistry


Who is John Clements?

John Clements' Contribution to Historical Fencing

John Clements

Clements is no ordinary historian; he is a modern-day bard of the ancient art of swordsmanship. His life's work revolves around studying and teaching the martial traditions of Europe as they were practiced from the 14th to the 17th centuries. His unparalleled understanding of historical fencing dynamics makes him an authority in the field—a true connoisseur of the art of combat.

Clements' passion goes beyond academic study; he is a practitioner who breathes life into the ancient texts and illustrations through physical application. His hands-on approach has significantly contributed to the revival of these once-forgotten techniques.

What Sets the Battlecry Line Apart?

The Battlecry series stands out for its dedication to historical accuracy, combined with the functionality required by modern practitioners. Each piece is not just a decorative item but a fully functional tool designed to withstand the rigours of martial practice.

The philosophy Behind Battlecry Weapons is clear: to create weapons that feel as real as they look, maintaining the balance and weight of their historical counterparts. This commitment ensures each piece is as close to the original as possible, providing a tangible link to the warriors of yesteryear.

Swords of the Battlecry Line

Battlecry Swords

From broadswords to rapiers, the Battlecry line offers a variety of swords, each with unique features that reflect the period they represent. The craftsmanship ensures that the swords are not only historically accurate in shape but also in the way they handle.

The meticulous attention to detail and the Historical Accuracy in Sword Design of each sword reflects Clements' expertise. The curvature of the blade, the style of the hilt, and the distribution of weight all align with historical specifications.

The Role of Daggers in Historical Combat

Daggers, often overlooked, had a vital Role of Daggers in Historical Combat. Designed for close-quarters fighting, they were the sidearm of choice for knights and soldiers. The Battlecry line honours these versatile weapons with designs that range from the knightly Crecy dagger, Viking Maldon seax and Arkansas toothpick. each echoing the era that it represents.

Each dagger in the Battlecry collection is a work of functional art, carefully balanced and constructed to serve not just as a weapon but also as a piece of historical record. They're crafted to fit comfortably in the hand, just as they would have in the times of old.

From Concept to Reality: The Creation of Battlecry Weapons

Battlecry Daggers

The creation of a Battlecry weapon begins with rigorous research, followed by meticulous design and careful selection of materials. Skilled artisans bring the concept to life, forging each piece with techniques that echo those used in the past.

The choice of high carbon steel, the tempering process, and the final assembly all play critical roles in the creation of a Battlecry weapon. The materials are chosen for their historical accuracy and their ability to stand up to the demands of both collectors and martial artists.

Why Authenticity Matters in Historical Reproductions

Battlecry Weapons

Authenticity is the soul of the Battlecry line. For collectors and practitioners, the value of a reproduction lies in its fidelity to the original—every curve, edge, and ornamentation must tell the true story of its historical inspiration.

John Clements' expertise ensures that each weapon is not just a mere replica but a homage to the original's form and function. His input guarantees that every piece carries with it the spirit of the age it represents.

The User Experience

Handling and Performance of Battlecry Weapons

Those who wield Battlecry weapons are immediately transported to the bygone eras of knights and soldiers. The weapons are calibrated for an authentic experience, allowing users to feel the weight and movement of history in their hands.

User Feedback and Community Impact

The response from the historical weaponry community has been overwhelmingly positive. Practitioners appreciate the attention to historical detail, and collectors value the craftsmanship and authenticity.

A - Verified Buyer

"Well balanced sword. Historically accurate. One of my favorite to train with."

M - Verified Buyer

"Good quality and it feels really good in the hand.An extremely sturdy sword!"

D - Verified Buyer

"It looks amazing just like the real deal"

In the dance of steel and history, the Battlecry line represents a harmonious blend of tradition and craftsmanship. These weapons are more than mere replicas; they are bridges to the past, handcrafted under the watchful eye of a master of historical martial arts, John Clements. They embody the spirit of the warriors who once wielded them and serve as a testament to the enduring legacy of historical combat. For the enthusiast, the collector, or the practitioner, Battlecry weapons offer an authentic experience, unparalleled in their fidelity to the past. As we look to the future, it is clear that the reverence for history and the art of combat will continue to thrive through the Battlecry line, each piece a storied artifact that will inspire and educate for generations to come.For those ready to embrace the legacy, to hold a piece of history in their hands, the journey begins with a simple step. Discover the artistry, the authenticity, and the adrenaline of historical fencing with Battlecry.