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Iaido Safe - Not Sharp

The Kenshin Iaito Samurai Sword is a starter Iaito highlighted with the respected Daimyo Uesugi Kenshin theme. This Iaido Sword is the same as our Kenshin Katana with a modified "Iaido Safe Edge" meaning it is not sharp and is safe for practicing Iaido. This beginners Iaito boasts upgraded detailed fittings over other starter swords with more attention put to weight and balance. This beginner piece has a tempered high carbon steel blade, double pinned cotton wrapped handle through a traditional length tang with real ray skin. With budget in mind this Iaito uses a 1045 high carbon steel which is a little softer than the higher end Iaito but is still suitable for Iaido. Includes storage bag.


Reliks Product ID 7169
Manufacturer SKU LU-010I
Blade Length 27"
Blade Material 1045 High Carbon Steel
Edge Type Un-Sharpened
Full Length 41 1/2"
Tsuka Ito/Sageo Cotton
Tsuka Length 13"