Tonbo Wakizashi - Photo Gallery

tonbo wakizashi

The Tonbo Wakizashi by Paul Chen / Hanwei.

tonbo wakizashi hamon

The Tonbo features a prominent hamon from the differentially tempering of the blade.

tonbo kissaki

Kissaki details on the Tonbo Wakizashi.

tonbo k120c steel

The Tonbo Wakizashi features K120C steel.

tonbo saya

The saya is a deep black lacquer featuring gold dragonflies.

tonbo kashira

The kashira highlights the same tonbo features as the other hardware.

tonbo tsuba

The tsuba is expertly cast in stainless steel and patina'd like blacken iron, with detailing in gold and bronze and an exquisite dragonfly scene decoration.

tonbo cotton ito

The tsuka-ito is made of premium purple Japanese cotton.

tonbo fuchi

The fuchi and kashira are black with bronze and brass detailing.

hanwei tonbo wakizashi

The Hanwei Tonbo Wakizashi is hand forged and folded steel blade with traditional construction.

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