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samurai wakizashi

Bugei Samurai Wakizashi

samurai wakizashi tsuba

The tsuba is steel and engraved with a Samurai drawing his sword.

samurai wakizashi saya

Black lacquer saya of the Bugei Samurai Wakizashi.

samurai menuki

Menuki of the Samurai Wakizashi from Bugei Trading Company.

bugei samurai fittings

The overall motif mirrors that of the katana and would make a beautiful addition for the collector or the practitioner.

bugei samurai seppa

Brass seppa and habaki from the Samurai Series by Bugei.

samurai wakizashi kurikata

The use of Swedish powdered steel, used in the construction of these wakizashi, results in outstanding quality and performance.

samurai wakizashi tsuka

Strength, edge holding, and beauty have all been significantly enhanced by the use of this steel along with the complex folding process.

bugei samurai series

The hamon (temper line) and hada (grain/layers) on this forged and folded steel wakizashi blade are prominent in the polish.

bugei samurai wakizashi

The Bugei Samurai Wakizashi is a great companion piece to the Samurai Katana.

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