Norwegian Viking Sword - Photo Gallery

norwegian viking sword

E type viking sword from L-13 Barrow, 920-950 AD.

norwegian sword hilt

The sword, classified as Variant E-2, was a popular weapon in Europe during this era, often used by the Anglo-Saxons, Vikings, and Franks.

viking sword suspension loop

Antiqued brass suspension loop with detailed knotwork on the Norwegian Viking Sword

brass viking hilt

Two part pommel construction with brass and wire embellishments.

leather scabbard

Wood cored scabbard wrapped in leather with antiqued brass furniture.

e type viking sword

The Origin and Era of the Sword Barrow L-13 is a burial site in the Forest Barrow Group that dates back to the early medieval period, between the 5th and 7th centuries AD.

viking chequerwise pattern

The sword's ornate design is noteworthy, with the cross guard and pommel decorated with pits in a chequerwise pattern.

wire patterned hilt

A twisted wire loop goes through these pits, adding to the sword's beauty.

crutched crosses and helix engraving

On one side of the blade there is a figure of a man, and on the other side there are two crutched crosses, with a helix situated between them.

man figure engraving

The figure of a man on one side of the blade and the two crutched crosses with a helix between them on the other side provide insights into the sword's symbolism, perhaps depicting an individual or event significant to the Norwegian culture.

viking burial sword

This reproduction of the sword discovered by D.A. Avdusin is a recreation of a weapon that was once broken and left in the ground, possibly as an offering or burial artifact.

viking sword

The sword from Barrow L-13 is a fascinating artifact that provides insights into the military, cultural, and artistic practices of the early medieval period.

deepeeka norwegian viking sword

This recreation of the Norwegian Viking Sword has been forged by Deepeeka with a tempered high carbon steel blade for the re-enactor, Western martial artist and collector of handmade functional swords.

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