Odin Viking Seax - Photo Gallery

leather seax scabbard

The embossed leather scabbard is finished with antiqued brass ravens, brass hardware and hanging rings.

rough forge seax blade

Hand forged carbon steel blade left unpolished to resemble originals.

viking war seax

Hugin and Munin brass ravens adorn the hand made scabbard.

detailed bone handle

Polished bone handle with Norse runes and ravens.

hugin and munin raven seax

The bone handle featuresthe revered ravens Hugin and Munin, who were said to provide wisdom to the god Odin himself.

runic etched seax

Each seax comes with a leather scabbard for safekeeping, ensuring that it remains in pristine condition for years to come.

viking seax

Crafted from high carbon steel and with close attention to detail, this seax will transport you back in time to the era of the Vikings.

odin viking seax

Originating from the Scandinavian region, this seax represents a key component of Viking weaponry during a time when the Scandinavian warriors were feared across the world.

deepeeka odin seax

This impressive blade is a inspired by the historical weapons used by Viking warriors during the 9th and 10th centuries.

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