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14th century longsword

14th Century Longsword by Windlass Steelcrafts and the Royal Armouries.

royal armouries 14th c longsword

Includes a certificate of authenticity on heavy stock, a tin of Windlass Classic Wax, and a polishing cloth.

windlass steelcrafts longsword

Swords like this were used in Europe in the second half of the 14th century and would likely have been familiar to fencing masters like Fiore dei Liberi and used at battles like Sempach in 1386.

royal armoury longsword

The edge geometry is quite obtuse, but the blade has a lot of presence in the strike.

14th century longsword pommel

Equally, the weighty pommel could be used with good effect to strike in close combat.

14th century longsword hilt

This replica is crafted with a hand forged blade by skilled blacksmith, using modern 1080 high carbon steel that is fully tempered and is distally tapered for proper weight distribution.

royal armouries IX.1106

This is a reproduction of Royal Armouries IX.1106, a mid-14th century longsword, found in Lake Constance -, where Austria, Germany and Switzerland meet.

royal armouries 14th century longsword

Using the finest steel and materials, forged by the most skilled craftsmen, the Windlass Sword Collection is truly history brought to life.

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