Sparring Jian - Photo Gallery

Scott Rodell Sparring Jian

Using the same blade steel, advanced heat treatment regimen and handle fittings as the Rodell designed Hanwei Cutting Jian students can practice forms, sparring and cutting all with the same design.

Sparring Jian

Hanwei's Sparring Jian have been designed by Scott Rodell to handle as closely as possible to sharp jian while providing rounded edges and safe flex during a thrust.

curled tip

The tip is curled for safety during thrusting

wrapped grip

Tightly wrapped handle for solid grip during sparring.


Pommel made to counterweight the sparring sword

jian guard

The guard is in a traditional Chinese Jian shape

jian hilt

The Jian hilt on this sparring sword match the dimensions of the cutting jian.

martial arts sparring sword

This is a martial arts sparring sword with rounded edges and rolled tip in the style of a Chinese Jian.

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