Honshu Karito Kama - Photo Gallery

honshu karito kama

The Karito Kama by Honshu.

honshu kama sheath

The 15 3/4” overall kama slides securely into a premium, black leather sheath with a belt loop and a snap strap closure.

honshu kama blade

The 9”, full-tang 7Cr13 stainless steel, curved blade has a 5 3/4”, razor-sharp edge with weight-reducing thru-holes.

karito kama

Honshu is known for its savage blend of tradition and innovation that forges a style and function in its modern, battle-ready weapons that’s beyond compare.

honshu kama

The Karito Kama has a centuries old blade profile that was combat-proven during the feudal era of Japan and is just as effective today.

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