River Witham Sword - Photo Gallery

symbol inscriptions

It is not known for sure what the symbols represent on the River Witham Sword and remains a mystery to this day.

lombardic letters

Is it an abbreviation? An encryption? Or simply patterning in the shape of letters? No solid answers emerged during decades of study.

river witham sword hilt

Classic English style hilt of The River Witham Sword.

river witham sord pommel

The blade is mounted and peened over the pommel for a solid construction.

river witham sword handle

Brown leather cord wraps around the wooden grip on the River Witham sword.

river witham blade inscription

The sword has a double fuller running nearly to the point, and has very beautiful symbol inscriptions on one side, running right across both fullers, and an interesting series of Lombardic letters +NDXOXCHWDNCHDXORVI+ on the other.

river witham sword

The sword is dated c. 1100-50. This is one of the finest English Knightly swords to have survived from the Middle Ages.

deepeeka river witham sword

This sword was found around the River Witham near Lincoln, England and is a part of the collection of the British Museum.

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