Polish Saber - Photo Gallery

cold steel polish saber

Used both on horseback and on foot, these battlefield sabers had a fearsome reputation, not least for the skill-at-arms of the Polish Noblemen who wielded them, but also for their phenomenal cutting potential.

scabbard chape

Polish Saber Chape

scabbard ring

Polish Saber Scabbard Ring

scabbard throat

Polish Saber scabbard throat

double fullered blade

Double fullered Polish Saber blade

polish saber pommel

Polish Saber pommel

poish saber grip

Polish Saber eye-catching leather wire wrapped hilt

polish saber hilt

knuckle bow for hand protection

polish saber guard

Nice solid guard with knuckle bow

guard thumb ring

functional thumb ring to facilitate the moulinet

brass inlaid details

Beautiful detail work on the Polish saber

cold steel polish saber hilt

Polish Saber Dave Baker Design

battle ready polish saber

The latest addition to Cold Steels line-up of high-performance swords is inspired by examples of early 17th Century Polish Sabers.

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