Petersen Type L Sword - Photo Gallery

petersen type l sword

The 9th-10th Century sword is one of the rare complete Petersen Type L swords.

peened pommel

Traditional peened construction.

wood suspension loop

Solid wood suspension loop secured with leather strapping.

forged en45 sword blade

Hand forged from EN45 high carbon steel with a tempered hardness of 48 – 52 HRC.

leather scabbard

Wood cored leather scabbard with wooden suspension loop.

two part rivet pommel

The pommel is a two part riveted construction that secures the pommel base with its pommel cap.

type l viking sword

The blade's edges gracefully slope, a design element that not only makes it a sight to behold but also underscores its practicality on the battlefield.

deepeeka type l sword

Deepeeka's recreation of the Petersen Type L sword pays homage to the original design, complete with a scabbard for safekeeping.

deepeeka gunther sword

The Petersen Type L sword, with its mysterious origins, historical significance, and expert craftsmanship, beckons you to relive the tales of a bygone era.

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