Irish Kern Sword - Photo Gallery

irish kern sword

The Irish Kern Sword by Kingdom Of Arms.

irish kern sword scabbard chape

Brass chape on the scabbard of the Irish Kern Sword.

irish kern peen

Peened pommel of the Irish Ring Hilt Sword by Kingdom of Arms.

ring hilt sword

Classic ring hilt design on the Gaelic Warrior Sword.

irish sword s guard

Details of the curved "S" guard of the Irish Kern Sword.

irish ring hilt sword

The handle has a leather wrapped grip and "S" shaped quillons.

battle ready irish sword

This battle ready Irish Sword comes with a wooden scabbard with leather accents and with hangers attached.

gaelic warrior sword

The Kingdom of Arms Elite Kern Irish Single Hand broadsword with Irish ring hilt features a hand hammered 5160 carbon steel blade, full tang, heat treated and tempered as the originals swords were made for a strong yet flexible blade that will hold a very sharp edge.

kingdom of arms irish kern sword

A Kern was a Gaelic warrior, specifically a light infantrymen, in Ireland in the late middle ages.

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