Culloden Targe - Photo Gallery

culloden targe

The Culloden Targe is a piece of history that captures the essence of Scotland's past.

targe spike

The tip of the shield boss has a removable nut that can be replaced with this steel spike.

targe handles

The reverse side of the targe is covered in suede with leather arm strap and grip.

targe arm strap

Suede backing of the Culloden Targe complete with arm strap, grip and spike holder.

scottish targe back

The wrapped leather is tacked along the back with brass fasteners to give this targe a finished look.

scottish shield

This iconic item is a representation of the courage, bravery, and resilience of the Scottish people in times of conflict.

leather targe

This Scottish Targe is constructed from wood and wrapped in genuine leatehr and completed with brass studding.

celtic design targe

Handcrafted with natural dyed leather, brass details, and a central iron spike that can be unscrewed for travel, this targe was a vital part of a warrior's armoury.

deepeeka culloden targe

The Culloden Targe is a magnificent reproduction of the original targes that were used by Scottish Highland warriors.

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