Hungarian Saber - Photo Gallery

hungarian saber

The Hungarian Saber from Cold Steel.

hungarian saber hilt

The guard of our saber has very wide sturdy quillons. The wider quillons offer greater protection to the hand and forearm.

hingarian saber scabbard

The leather scabbard is, in a word, gorgeous. Its fittings are attractively arranged and provide a light, bright contrast to its black leather base.

hungarian sabre

The blade of our saber is made from 1055 high carbon steel with a hard spring temper.

cold steel hungarian saber

Hungary by virtue of its position on the world map is a country that straddles the cultural influence of both the East and the West. This influence is, of course, directly echoed in Hungarian weapons.

saber pommel

Hungarian Saber Pommel

hanger ring

The Hungarian Saber has built in rings to attach a hanger

scabbard chape

Hungarian Saber detailed scabbard shape

saber grip

The Hungarian Saber leather wrapped sword grip

guard detail

The Hungarian Saber has beautiful engraved detailing on the guard

etched blade

The Hungarian Saber has a blade etching to match out with the incredible details on the entire sword.

saber hilt

The Hungarian Saber Hilt and blade etching

full saber

A look at the Hungarian Saber

cold steel saber

The Hungarian Saber by Cold Steel

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