1881 Shashka Saber - Photo Gallery

shaska sword in hand

The unique hilt styling dispenses with the basket guard typical of other sabers.

shashqua sword

Hooked pommel assisted by a strong leather lanyard, to provide handling security.

russian cavalry sword

Hardwood grip with leather lanyard.

blade etchings

The sharp high-carbon blade, again etched with the royal cipher.

cossack sword

This version replicates the Model 1881 Shashka, originally produced during the reign of Tsar Nicholas II, whose cipher appears on the pommel.

hardwood grip

Long associated with the Cossacks, the “Cavalry of the Steppes”, the sword was standard military issue for Russian cavalry of the day.

1881 shashka saber

The unique Shashka (or Shashqua) cavalry saber has its roots in the 12th century Caucasus region of Europe.

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