Wasteland Gladius - Photo Gallery

Wasteland Gladius

A.P.O.C Tactical Wasteland Gladius designed by Gus Trim.

g 10 scales

Rugged G-10 Scales affixed to a full tang Gladius blade

exposed tang

The tang is exposed past the scales for hammering, chiseling, prying or digging in an apocalypse situation.

coated blade

The coated blade is sometimes called a leaf shape or as the Romans would call it a wasp wasted blade.

The APOC Wasteland Gladius

The APOC Wasteland Gladius was built for survival in a postapocalyptic world.

apoc wasteland gladius

The Wasteland Gladius design arises from the larger gladius designs featuring a pronounced wasp-waist or leaf blade curvature

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