The Anduril Sword - Photo Gallery

the anduril sword

Hand forged Anduril Sword by Darksword Armory.

hand forged anduril sword

Hand forged Anduril Sword made in Canada by Darksword Armory.

anduril sword 5160 steel

The Darksword Armory Anduril is hand Crafted with 5160 High Carbon steel.

anduril sword crossguard

The details on the cross guard of the Anduril Sword.

anduril sword engravings

The deep engravings on the 5160 hand forged steel blade.

anduril sword pommel

The beautifully detailed leather handle is accentuated by the unique pommel, making this one of the most recognized fantasy swords.

anduril sword hilt

The shards of Narsil are reforged by the Elves, and into Aragorn’s hands is given a new sword – Anduril, the Flame of the West.

darksword anduril interlaced scabbard

Shown here with the optional Interlaced Scabbard with includes a full interlaced sword belt to the actual scabbard. Also available with standard scabbard.

darksword armory anduril

This is a favorite among fantasy sword collectors, and for good reason. We are proud to contribute even in a small way to the appreciation of the work of a literary master such as Tolkien.

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