Oda Nobunaga Helmet - Photo Gallery

oda nobunaga helmet

Oda Nobunaga Helmet by Paul Chen / Hanwei.

antiqued green finish

Steel helmet with antiqued battle green finish.

cotton accented mempo

Cotton and steel braided neck protection on the mempo.

cotton threads

Steel plates connected with cotton on the kabuto.

genuine horse hair

Genuine horse hair on the Oda mempo.

japanese samurai helmet

Great decorator item for the Samurai collector.

oda maedate

Large maedate representing Oda Nobunaga.

oda battle helmet

Fully wearbable samurai helmet of Oda Nobuaga.

oda mempo

The mempo of the Oda samurai helmet with antiqued green steel and threaded cotton.

oda samurai helmet

The museum-quality reproduction of this archaeological treasure has been hand crafted by the metalsmiths of Hanwei with exacting attention to detail.

samurai battle helmet

Custom-designed wooden display stand is included.

samurai helmet lining

The helmet is equipped with a leather liner (ukebari) allowing it to be worn.

wearable samurai helmet

Authentic styling and fully wearable reproduction of the Oda Nobunaga samurai helmet.

nobunaga war helmet

The Oda Nobunaga kabuto & mempo are superbly constructed, beautifully detailed and a great value.

museum quality samurai helmet

Finished in an antiqued battle green, this helmet is steel constructed with cotton thread and real horse hair.

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