Musketeer Rapier - Photo Gallery

The Musketeer Rapier

The Musketeer Rapier Tribute to Alexandre Dumas


The pommel and pommel button on the Musketeer

wire grip

The Rapier has a wood handle with a tight wire grip

inside the rapier cup

The guard and inner cup of the musketeer rapier

musketeer hilt

A view of the full hilt and guard on the Musketeer rapier

guard ribbing

The sides of the cup are done in ribbing to further protect the hand

cross on the guard

Both sides of the guard have an engraved cross

blade ricasso

The rapier's ricasso where it transitions to the blade

musketteer guard in sheath

A look at the Musketeer rapiers full guard and hilt in the sheath

sheath tip

Full metal tip protector made from steel on the sheath

all for one and one for all

All for One and One for All! Hand Forged and Battle Ready Musketteer Rapier!

windlass steelcrafts musketeer sword

This rapier features a hand-forged 1065 high carbon steel blade. Ambidextrous hilt and wood grip wrapped in wire.

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