Shi Shi Tanto - Photo Gallery

Shi Shi Katana

Collect The Set...We also offer a Shi Shi Katana with fully matching furniture should you want to form a matching set.

Shi Shi Tanto Saya

Dark brown saya on the Bugei Shi Shi Tanto.

Shi Shi Tanto Menuki

The golden menuki feature a peony blossom, a symbol of bravery and honour.

Shi Shi Tanto Kashira

Details of the lion dog motif on the kashira of the Shi Shi Tanto.

Shi Shi Tanto Habaki

A very detailed Rain Pattern is detailed on the habaki.

Shi Shi Tanto Ito

The Shi Shi Tanto is hand-wrapped in tender doeskin ito over samekawa (black dyed ray skin) allowing for a comfortable grip.

Shi Shi Tanto Kozuka

A matching kozuka (knife) is also featured on the tanto.

Shi Shi Tanto

The Shi Shi Tanto is a great companion piece to the Shi Shi Katana. Made in the same tradition and high quality materials as the katana, this tanto performs in superior functionality and grace.

Bugei Shi Shi Tanto

The overall motif of the Bugei Shi Shi Tanto mirrors that of the katana and would make a beautiful addition for the collector or the practitioner.

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