Hand Forged Dragon Katana - Photo Gallery

hand forged dragon katana

The Entry Level Hand Forged Dragon Katana

dragon kashira

The kashira shows the image of a samurai warrior.

handle ornament

The decorative menuki is placed in the hand positions

dragon wave tsuba

The dragon katana shows the classic Japnese wave theme on the blade side of the tsuba

dragon fuchi

The fuchi is the collar next to the tsuba

dragon tsuka

the full tsuka or handle of the forged dragon katana

katana hi

The "hi" is the groove sometimes mistakenly refered to as a "blood groove"

katana tip

The tip of the hand forged dragon katana

saya detail

The saya is made from wood in a natural finish with a tied sageo

natural wood grain

The saya's wood grain is natural and will differ between swords

saya tip

The tip of the dragon katana's saya transitions very smoothly


The katana has a prominent horimono or etching of a dragon on the one side of the blade

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