Hand Forged Golden Tachi - Photo Gallery

hand forged golden tachi

The Golden Tachi is a hand forged entry level sword for the beginner.

tachi tsuka

Ornamental menuki on the Golden tachi.

tachi tsuba

Zinc Alloy tsuba in classic Tachi styling.

tachi sword knot

Classic Ashi hangers on the Golden Tachi.

tachi saya tip

The Sayajiri is constructed of zinc alloy and highly detailed to compliment the rest of the fittings on the Golden Tachi.

tachi handle

This economical tachi has imitation ray skin to keep the cost down for the beginner looking for an affordable cutting tachi sword.

tachi fittings

The kabuto-gane of the hand forged tachi sword.

golden tachi

The saya is constructed of wood and zinc alloy tachi styled fittings.

hand forged 1045 carbon steel

Hand forged 1045 carbon steel for entry level martial artists who are looking to cut softer targets.

forged tachi sword

The tachi is an early form of the traditional Japanese katana and would make a fantastic addition to any Samurai sword collection.

forged tachi habaki

Brass habaki and hand forged 1045 carbon steel blade on the Golden Tachi.

tachi sword

The Golden Tachi is a perfect starter sword for those looking for an affordable tachi that is still hand forged and capable of cutting soft targets like tatami mat while looking extremely nice.

hand forged tachi

The flower motif is carried throughout the sword adorning the metal tsuba, kashira and traditional tachi styled metal mounts.

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