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Date Masamune Katana

The artisans at Hanwei pay homage to the One-Eyed Dragon of Oshu, Date Masamune, known for his signature audacious Crescent Moon kabuto.


The point of the blade is the kissaki

differntial blade

The blade is differntially tempered to create a harder cutting edge

saya tip

the tip of the saya is fitted with a piece of horn


The sageo is tied to the saya


The full tsuka is finished in a nice brown ito

tsuba back

The back of the tsuba depicts a Japanese samurai theme

masamune tsuba

The tsuba shows an embossed image of Date Masamune

fuchi detailing

The fuchi has very detailed engraving

first menuki

This one of the menuki showing through the ito

menuki two

This is the second menuki showing through the ito


The makidome through the kashira

The Date Masamune by Hanwei

The Date Masamune is a beautiful tribute to a Japanese Legend

SH24960 date masamune katana

Date Masamune Katana by Paul Chen / Hanwei

sh24960 date masamune tsuba

The Date Masamune Tsuba

date masamune tsuba

Date Masamune holding a war fan

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