Black Knightly Sword - Photo Gallery

black knightly sword

In an era long past, where the boundary between myth and reality was as thin as a blade's edge, a tale whispered among knights and bards held its prominence.

knightly sword pommel nut

Pommel nut on the functional fantasy Black Knightly Sword.

leather hand and a half grip

Black leather wrapped over a wooden core handle on the Black Knightly Sword.

decorative pommel

The octagonal pommel is detailed with symbols of the Knights Templar.

black knightly pommel

The image of two knights on horseback which is traditionally been a templar symbol adorn the pommel of the Black Knightly Sword.

belt buckles

The Black Knightly scababrd is finished with 2 leather and bronze toned buckles to attach to a suspension belt.

blackened sword hilt

The steel hilt componenets are blackened to highlight the details.

black knightly quillons

Adorned with wolf heads at the tips of the quillons, they held an untold secret.

black knightly sword guard

Silver cross with red shield are carved into the sword guard.

black knightly sword scabbard

The sword was sheathed in a black leather scabbard adorned with oxblood bindings, each stitch a testament to the countless lives it had touched whether to protect, avenge, or bring justice.

black knight sword hilt

The hilt of this legendary sword was wrapped in black leather, akin to the elusive shadows in which the Black Knight often vanished.

deepeeka black knightly sword

Forged from EN45 high carbon steel, the blade would shine under the dark of midnight, reflecting not just light but the very essence of the world around it.

knightly sword

This was the legend of the Black Knight, a mysterious warrior whose deeds transcended common heroism into the realm of the arcane. In a world consumed by war and magic, the Black Knight was neither a force of pure good nor utter evil; he was an enigma, a guardian of equilibrium.

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