Suontaka Viking Sword - Photo Gallery

detailed viking pommel

The Suontaka pommel is highly detailed in viking engravings

suontaka grip

Detailed inlay work is done on the wooden grip

viking engraving

The engravings on the guard match the rest of the viking swords detail

viking sword hilt

an overall shot of the Suontaka viking sword's hilt

scabbard buckles

Detailing wouldn't be complete on the Suontaka without the this Buckle

scabbard work

The scabbard work on the Suontaka sword is beautiful as the hilt

antiqued tip

The tip protector on the scabbard has the same antiqued finish

the suontaka viking sword

The Highly Detailed Suontaka Viking Sword

The Suontaka Womans Viking Sword

The incredibly detailed Suontaka Viking Sword was excavated from a Woman's grave dated 1100AD

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