Roman Centurion Gladius - Photo Gallery

gladius pommel

The pommel and pommel button on the centurion gladius

wood grip

Hand carved and fluted wooden grip

roman guard

The short guard on a Roman Centurion Gladius

gladius hilt

the pommel, grip and guard from a roman gladius

gladius blade

The gladius blade has a diamond cross-section making it thicker in the middle

gladius tip

The large thrusting tip on the roman centurion gladius

roman scabbard detail

Antiqued embossed scabbard work on the Centurion Sword

scabbard detail

A lot of detail has gone into the scabbard of the Centurion gladius

scabbard tip

The scabbard tip is finished with a button complimentary to the one on the pommel

sword baldirc

This sword comes with a baldric already attached to the scabbard

Roman Centurion Gladius

The Roman Centurion Gladius by Windlass is a beautiful hand forged tribute to the Roman Centurion.

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