Maldon Viking Sword - Photo Gallery

Maldon sword pommel

The lobed pommel in the Maldon Viking sword

maldon sword grip

Leather bound grip on the Maldon has a wood core

viking guard

The short straight cross guard is common on the viking sword

viking sword hilt

This is the hilt of the Maldon viking sword

blackened blade

The blackened blade has an almost marble effect

sword tip

The blades fuller runs almost to the tip of the viking sword

sword frog

The Maldon scabbard comes with a removeable sword frog

scabbard tip

The scabbards metal fittings are blackened to match the rest of the sword.

maldon viking sword

The Maldon Viking Sword from the BattleCry Collection

battlecry maldon viking sword

Created to deal with shields, mail and thick fur or leather armor, The Maldon Viking Sword was more than a match for any hand-weapon of its day

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