Heavy Cavalry Saber - Photo Gallery


Heavy Cavalry Saber

The Wrist Breaker

Known as a Wrist Breaker this is a Heavy Cavalry Saber

sheath tip

The tip of the sheath has a metal protector

mounting rings

The sheath has mounting rings to attach to a frog or belt

heavy slashing blade

The Heavy blade on the cavalry sword is an impressive 9/32" thick at the spine

3 branch guard

These types of cavalry sabers had a three branch guard

leather grip

The leather grip has a wood core over a full tang and is finished with twisted brass wire

peened tang

The tang is peened at the end of the pommel to secure the fittings to the blade

Old Wristbreaker Heavy Cavalry Saber

The "Old Wristbreaker" has a very heavy and thick slashing blade

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