English Cutlass - Photo Gallery

cutlass pommel

The brass pommel and button on the english cutlass

brass cutlass grip

The grip is cast from brass protecting it from salty sea air and water

brass cutlass hilt

The English hilt is built from brass because of harsh sea water and air

brass scabbard throat

the scabbard throat is also produced in brass like the other fittings

brass tip

The scabbard tip is brass because of its corrosion resistence to sea air and water

brass hanger

Another look at the hilt of the English hanger

the english cutlass

The English Cutlass, Hanger or Cuttoe is a Beautiful example of Sailor or Pirates Sword

windlass steelcrafts english cutlass

This replica has a hand forged, high carbon steel blade and a solid brass guard. Leather scabbard with brass throat and tip.

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