Damascus Viking Sword - Photo Gallery

viking hilt

A shot showing the full viking hilt, pommel, grip and guard

damascus hilt

The leather wrapped hilt on the viking damascus sword


A view of the under side of the guard on the damascus blade

grip side

The grip side of the guard on the damascus viking

viking grip

The grips wood core is wrapped in leather

viking scabbard

The wood scabbard wrapped in leather with metal accents

scabbard highlights

The scabbard has leather and stud highlights

metal tip

The scabbard has a strong metal tip to protect the damascus blade

damascus bladework

The bladework is expertly finished on the damascus viing sword

tip viking blade

The transition from blade to tip and fuller on the damascus viking

the windlass damascus

The Circa850 Damascus Viking Sword by Windlass Steelcrafts

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