Basket-Hilted Broadsword - Photo Gallery

basket hilt pommel

the button pommel on the scottish basket hilt sword

sword basket

Front view of the Scottish basket hilt

andrea ferara makers mark

Andrea Ferera used his full name as his makers mark.

genuine rayskin grip

The handle is wrapped in a genuine rayskin to maximize the grip

basket bottom

The bottom of the Scottish basket hilted sword

claymore tip

The tip of the scottish claymore blade

claymore sheathed

Ther claymore shath has a wooden core wrapped in leather with metal fittings

scabbard stitching

the leather scabbard stitching and metal fitting

scabbard tip

The scabbard tip is made from metal

Andrea Ferara Claymore

Replicated from an Andrea Ferara Claymore held in the Royal armouries

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