Acre Crusader Broadsword - Photo Gallery

acre pommel

The blackened pommel on the Acre sword

wire wrapped leather grip

The grip is wood wrapped in leather with a twisted wire wrap to finish.

swept guard

The blackened steel guard on the BattleCry Acre sword

blackened blade

The acre blade is blackened to look more authentic to the old iron used on the originals

acre tip

The acre sword tip and end of the fuller

acre sword hilt

The full hilt Acre sword hilt in the scabbard

scabbard tip

The scabbard parts are finished in the same blackened finsih as the blade

sword hanger frog

The Acre from Windlass BattleCry comes with an attachable sword hanger or frog.

battlcry sword hanger frog

The battlecry swords come with a very well built attachable sword hanger or frog.

blackened battlecry sword

This is a very authentic blackened battlecry sword

battlecry acre sword

This classic knightly Battlecry Acre Sword was an ideal for sword and shield or sword and buckler combat whether on foot or horseback

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