Titleburg Pugio - Photo Gallery

variant of roman pugio

A simple yet classic variant of the Roman Dagger, or Pugio

roman pugio in sheath

The Roman Pugio in its red leather sheath

roman pugio carried by high ranking officials

Roman Pugio like the Titleburg Pugio were often carried by high-ranking Roman officials

pugio full width tang

Its full-width tang matches the profile of the grip

pugio grip

The pugio grip is steel matching out with the full tang

pugio all steel hilt

The Pugio hilt is made from steel

titleburg roman pugio hilt

A look at the Titleburg Roman Pugion Hilt

roman ceremonial dagger

The dagger was also used in ceremonial contexts, such as during the consecration of new soldiers or the swearing-in of new officials.

titleburg roman pugio

The Titleburg Pugio is a dagger that dates back to the 1st century AD. It was discovered in 1904 in a cemetery near the ancient Roman town of Titleburg, located in present-day Germany.

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