Scottish Dirk - Ballock Dagger - Photo Gallery

Bollock Knife

A bollock dagger or ballock knife is a type of dagger with a distinctively shaped hilt, with two oval swellings at the guard resembling male testes ("bollocks").

Ballock Dagger

Hand forged Ballock Dagger from Paul Chen / Hanwei.

Scottish Dirk Pommel

Brass pommel of the Scottish Dirk - Ballock Dagger from Hanwei.

Scottish Dirk Wood Handle

Wood handle and hand forged blade on this beautiful Scottish Dirk.

Scottish Dirk Ballock Dagger

This functional Dirk is patterned after an early model (circa 1700) and is similar in form to earlier ballock knives.

Early Dirk

This dirk is strikingly authentic and its clean lines and curved hardwood hilt make it a clansman re-enactor favourite.

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